Where in the world am I now? And what’s next?

At 72, I find myself planning trips, lots of them. It's not the usual bucket list: crossing off places I've never been. I concentrate on returning again--and again--to places that have meant something to me and to my writing. There are four such places, or combinations of places, that enable me to consider how landscapes change, or don't, how lives--including my own--are turning out: Palau and Saipan, which I first saw as a Peace Corps Volunteer nearly fifty years ago. Trip two takes me to bristling modern Asia, Singapore, and to the older enclave of Malacca, three miles up the Malay coast. There's Australia, the main island and a tiny dot called Norfolk Island, which I've seen four times. Last, there's a tiny village, Altaussee in the mountain-and-lake country south of Saslzburg. That's my dance card, rather full. And I'm still dancing.

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Here now; where next?

Gambier, Spring 2014: I wouldn't have guessed it when I graduated from Kenyon in 1964 but Gambier, Ohio is my home. I love it and I leave it. And return. I'll teach both semesters of the 2014-15 academic year: a fiction writing seminar and an American novel course in the fall, a second fiction seminar in the spring. After that, I'll leave for a while. And wonder about what's happening while I am gone. That's a plan or at least a pattern. And it works for me.

P.F. Kluge

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